Do you think of the benefits you get if you do something good?

Love For Service



Do you think of the benefits you get if you do something good?


As a child, one of my dreams was to build a house for poor people. I grew up with a mother and father who find joy in serving others so it has been on my mind that being a service to others is a must.

It has been a part of my life sacrificing and putting others first since that’s what my parents always do. They always find time in their busy schedules for other people and so I thought: “Ah! This could be what’s life”

Most of the members of my family are involved in organizations that help other people even my dad’s side is also public servants.

I was seventeen when I decided to join in this certain organization that inspired me to help officially.

Being able to help the people in need has been a huge part of my life, hearing thank yous from strangers just makes my heart burst into happiness and I am talking about giving service with nothing in return!

In my three years of being a registered volunteer in this specific organization, I was elected as the junior’s chief. Even though I didn’t have many first aid training or rescue seminars they trusted me the position. It was a big honour to me and my family! It didn’t cross my mind that I’d be a leader but since they voted me then I have to do my job.

I had a very big vision; even planned to organize outreach programs as many as I could, I want to help people who are in need of blood transfusion; I want the people to feel secure because of us because we are here.

Everyone in the team welcomed and congratulated me with their warmest smile. My seniors, Senior’s chief and the past group chief were very supportive and proud. I was so happy that I finally found the people I want to be with, the people who have the same heart as mine.

When my term began, everything changed. I can’t imagine how a million things changed in one snap. Knowing that I am not just a volunteer now, I am the model.

I never thought being a chief would change my schedule, instead of having a cup of tea I am working with donation files; instead of talking on the phone I am doing excel; instead of watching movies I am reading first aid books.

It was hard for me, I am only 19 and I am dealing with so much work, but it was okay since it is for the people.

Being a volunteer is a very big challenge. Instead of leisure, you will work. You will give your time and hard work to help other people in exchange for nothing. Do I sound like I’m complaining? No, I am not.

It was a day in October where a co-volunteer and I went to a neighbouring City to orient applicants. It was a long trip but it was alright. Before the orientation ended an applicant asked: “what benefits do I get if I join?.”  Then a co-volunteer answered: “Something priceless. Being able to help someone with nothing in return is priceless. If I may remind, this is service to others, not business..”

My eyes are left wide open with his answer; it was brief but very eloquent.

A lot of people want to serve others, but they can’t for some reasons. Being a volunteer is not just about serving the ones in need with nothing in return, but it’s all about bringing light to other people’s lives and changing the way they look at the world.

They say that in the world today nothing is free, but if you have the heart everything can be free.

It’s touching how a hand can heal another; you never know a smile can shine a light to a stranger. You see everyone in this world have their own struggles in life, some are even in the midst of giving up for reasons we can never understand. It may seem a little but if you show that in this world full of darkness, there is a lamp that gives hope, you may not change the world with that but you could save a person. It’s just like throwing a pebble in the water even if it’s small, it can make a wave.

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