4 important things to bring when travelling

I know there are many important things to bring when travelling abroad, but these four should be present in the check list!

  1. Powerbank

Whenever we are in a foreign country the thing on our hands will either our phone or the DSLR, we don’t want to leave any corner unphotographed, do we? When on a foreign country for a trip, we tend to get very excited, what does this place looks like? How are the people like? Where should we visit first? We want to make sure that every day is worth it! A trip in the foreign country will be like basketball: “Every second counts!”

I know you agree that we shouldn’t waste time staying in the hotel thinking we will be only staying there for a limited time that it wouldn’t even be enough to roam around the whole city. Well, in my case I usually wake up at 12 noon at home but during trips, I became a morning person.

Why is power bank so important? In my experience, we leave the hotel at 8 in the morning and are home at around 11 to 12 midnight so I won’t have a chance to charge my phone, there are restaurants and cafes where you can charge but come on, you can’t waste your time sitting there and wait for your phone to get fully charged, are you?

A lot of people say power banks are not necessary! Oops! You’ll never know. When you travel, every corner is worth photographable. You don’t want to experience what happened to me during my trips. I was like: “Oh! I want to take a video of this, but no I can’t because later we’ll be going to Chinatown, I might run out of battery” or “I want to post this to my facebook and Instagram today but I can’t because turning on the wifi or LTE will hurt my battery”. We don’t want that happen, do we?

Plus, I knew that my iPhone’s battery health is not as good as before anymore so weeks before my trip, I purchased a 20,000 Mah power bank to keep my phone juiced throughout the trip. My power bank was my partner every trip that I had, it maybe overseas or local trips. So if you love travelling or you have an upcoming trip may it be domestic or international always make sure to fully charge your power bank.


  1. OTG Cable & Memory Card reader

You might be asking “Why would I need those?” Well, you only need this if you have no extra memory card. When travelling, always bring these three in your bag. Why? If you are someone who takes a lot of photos and videos but doesn’t have enough space on your phone or DSLR memory card this can save you.

There are moments when you enjoy taking a lot of photos but then in the middle of the day you find out that you are running out of memory, don’t worry you don’t have to scan to your photos and decide which to delete. All you have to do is get your OTG flash drive or OTG cable and memory card reader so you can transfer the photos to your flash drive, it’s very easy and convenient that you can just do it while walking.

Yup! I did that.  My DSLR only has 32gb memory and I took so many videos on high resolution, I only noticed on my 2nd day that I was running out of space so, it was kind of funny because I noticed it when I was on the train. I took out my memory card reader, OTG and android phone and quickly transferred my photos. Problem solved!

  1. Travel adapter

During my first travel abroad, I was wasting so much battery until I arrived at the hotel and found out that our plugs & outlets don’t match! Yes, just like me and him, we are not compatible.

LOL! Sometimes, people get so excited to get on the plane to travel! I know the feels! Like I prepared so many things for the trip, my OOTD and my monopod and everything but then when I arrived, I just noticed that my charger isn’t compatible with theirs. Like who would think about that? Yeah. Lesson learned; buy a travel adapter before travelling abroad. You can borrow in some hotels, but it’s always best to buy one for yourself.


  1. Passport cover/case

One thing, this could sound not so important but to some, it is! Passport case, when you are in a foreign company, you are always to bring your passport everywhere you go. This is kind of a thing for me because I am the type of person who always puts everything inside my bag.  I actually don’t care how heavy it gets as long as I am not holding anything aside from my phone or camera.

It was one incident when I recklessly put my monopod inside my bag when I got in the hotel that night I found out that a part of the monopod got stuck in one of the pages of my passport causing it to tear down a little bit. Just a little though! But anyway, we don’t want that to happen.  So to avoid that, buy your passport a case!

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