5 Things that first time travellers can relate to


I know there are a lot of things that first-time travellers can relate to, but here are five of the list that will make you say: “Yes! I know that feeling”

1. Researcher

After booking your first trip ticket abroad and accommodation, it’s funny but in a second you will find yourself turning to a detective. Even if your departure date is still a month or two away, you will start to Google everything about that country, the tourist spots, the food, the best places to visit, the weather, what should you wear or bring. Then, after data gathering, you take your pen and start writing the things you should prepare. Yeah! I know the feels of finally going out of the country, meeting new people, learning other’s cultures and embracing new environment.

2. Countdown

We can’t deny the fact that travelling abroad is always included in everybody’s wishlist. Now that you finally have your ticket to venture a whole new different world you can’t help but feel so excited. Yes! You’re finally boarding an international flight! For first timers, we kind of have this thing called “Countdown” that’s what happens when your travel date is fast approaching. You count the nights you have to spend to finally fly.


3. Every corner is Instagrammable


For selfie lovers, when you visit other countries. You find every corner instgrammable!! Everything is so new, that you’d even think that you might be in a different world. You’ll find everything different, the roads, that sky, and even the trees. I mean literally they look the same as in the Philippines but there’s something that makes it different and I just don’t know what! Well, maybe because you are in a new environment! It’s funny that you will even take a selfie in their toilets.

4. No one cares


What’s surprising is that it’s totally different from what we’ve been used to here; in other countries people don’t really care about what you wear or what you do. They don’t care if you make a really awkward pose in the train for a photo or if you wear make-up or not. They don’t care if you wear a jacket on a sunny day or wear bikini on a winter wind. They don’t give stares that would embarrass you or looks that will tell you “what are you doing?” or “You’re so ignorant”. No! You are totally free to express yourself. Don’t get conscious with your OOTDs!

5.Say Bye to Wi-Fi

Yes! You heard me right. If your mom wants you to stop using the internet then tell her to let you travel. The moment you step your feet on the other country’s ground, your eyes will roam from the roof, to the side, and to the other side and back to the side. Nahh, what I meant is that your eyes will be busy looking around, like really busy. Well, it’s always good to look back to memories so you will take your camera or phone out to take a photo. You take a picture of the ceiling, the place and other things that you find amazing. You may use wifi during the trip to upload photos but over 100% you’d be using it 10% to 15%.


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