College Mystery Guy


3 years, 2 months and 8 days ago I met this extremely attractive looking guy that I have ever seen in my entire life. I was a freshman when I bumped into this guy I call Mr. C.

Just like in the movies, unexpectedly, we bumped into each other and my notebooks fell on the ground. He didn’t say sorry or helped me pick up my notebooks, I was so annoyed and my forehead just curled in anger. He walked straight as nothing happened, I didn’t want to make a scene but I got too irritated so I called him. “Hoy! Don’t you know the word sorry?” He looked back and no words could express how I felt. He looked like a sun, shining upon me, he didn’t even smile but he looked like an angel coming down for me.

I was too embarrassed so I hurriedly picked up my notebooks and turned away from him. That day then, I was completely mesmerized! I was stupidly in love, like crazy stupid.

I was very young back then, 16 maybe. His course was easy to identify by the looks of his haircut and I have this one guy friend who has the same course as Mr. C. And obviously, I asked his help to find out his name and Facebook account. I described him to my guy friend, and he agreed to help me too.

Weeks passed and my guy friend still couldn’t find this mystery guy that I am talking about. I can even say that the whole university is looking for this mystery guy. It’s like we were looking for a lost pet, asking anyone we see at school. I didn’t see him again and nobody else knows him. I actually forget about his face, when I see him, I just knew it was him. In my eyes, he walks around with a light and time just stops.

Unfortunately, I see him when I am alone. I always get excited to go to school and very inspired to excel in my studies. I wrote so many poems and songs about him. This guy friend who thinks I am very desperate of Mystery guy felt a little sorry for me and said he’ll give me a TextMate. I didn’t want to, but he insisted. He said he’s a good friend of his. Plus, it’s my way of repaying his kindness of helping me find mystery guy. I planned to just text him for a night as a sign of respect and just disregard him after.

I received a message from an unknown number, I knew who it was right away. He introduced himself with the name “Harry Potter”. He told me he read all the Harry Potter books and told me that his favorite subject was Math. His course was the same as the mystery guy was and I thought maybe he knew him. I described to him in a very detailed way and he ended up saying he didn’t know. It was a pretty boring conversation, I replied to all his messages with “Okay”. It’s my technique of chasing away boring people in a nice way.

Months passed and still none, my guy friend still can’t solve who the mystery guy is, until October, a heartbreaking thing happened to me which diverted my whole attention to myself and my family. I lost my only sister and couldn’t control the self-pity I felt. I totally forgot about him and how crazy I was; then I shifted to another course that I really like and focused on it. I became a loner.

2nd week of the 2nd semester, I had no friends and most of the time I’m alone because I just shifted, I had different classmates every subject so it’s hard to get close to someone.

One day, I was sitting on the lounge waiting for my 5:30 to 7:00 PM class. It was very silent and gloomy, I guess I was too early. I saw my guy friend, the guy friend I was talking about earlier. I walked towards him and he immediately approached me before I could go near and offered me a seat next to him. He was with his friend that time, I sat beside him and he introduced me to this extremely familiar looking guy. I looked up to him and said Hi! He just nodded shyly and said he had to go somewhere. It was just me and my guy friend on the bench, then a few seconds of silence I just suddenly realized that the guy earlier was the mystery guy I was talking about.

I hit my guyfriend so hard on his shoulders, and he was asking why. I told him and he just laughed, we couldn’t believe that the guy he was trying to find last semester was his best friend. It was crazy unexpected, we kept on laughing about it. It was amazing, and what’s more unbelievable is that he was the guy that he introduced me last semester. The one who introduced his name as Harry Potter. I can’t believe we texted each other and even asked him to help me find. I almost had a hard attack in disbelief.

That day then, I thought I’d finally have a love life. My classmates had boyfriends, they are all happy in their relationships and I’m still here. Alone and considered immature by many. What’s the big deal of being single really? Well, I couldn’t explain. I just get jealous when I see my friends having lunch with their boyfriends while I’m eating alone in the corner. Envious when I had to finish and pay for a whole halo-halo while they divide payment and share the food. I see it to be money and health wise. Not eating too much and saving money at the same time plus you have someone who can help you do assignments and have someone walk with you during night classes.

I know I am prohibited to date, but …. I’m also human! I can’t stop myself from having a crush to a guy I find adorable. But I definitely know my limits! No worries.

I thought it was the start of the spark, but… I was just assuming. Yes! I did find him but what now? What was I thinking? That I’d have an instant boyfriend and lunch partner? That I’d have someone to help me with my assignments and have someone to pay the other half of the food?

Months passed and there was no improvement at all. I was completely sad. Maybe I wasn’t that pretty, or maybe I am not his type at all. But who cares? So what if I am only the one single? so what if I eat alone? I can afford to pay whole and not finish the food. I can make my assignments alone, I am not scared to walk alone in the dark during night classes. Well, honestly it’s sad but I managed to do it in the first semester so I should be fine alone.

After all, college is not about finding love.. is it?

I just admired him from afar and see him as an inspiration to go to school. Well, that’s not something gross. I guess it’s normal to have a crush. He’s just a crush. I have no intention. It has been like that for months…

Months passed until I turned the 2nd year. It was 2014 of July 30th. It was my birthday and to my surprise, when I was heading to my classroom, the mystery guy whom I kept inside my heart until now called me and greeted me a Happy Birthday!

A million butterflies in my stomach, the whole world stopped and all I could hear was my heart beats and all I could see was his mouth in slow motion saying happy birthday. I pretty didn’t really hear what he said, I just nodded and said okay to him and then I left. Actually, I didn’t know how many minutes passed, I am not sure how long it took me to compose myself and all I know is that my heart was crazy pounding that very day…

I still remember how I felt back then even when it has been years.. He was the first crazy crush I had that lasted for years and ………. the rest will be posted soon. (wait for my next blog)

Teaser: Mystery Guy isn’t the guy for me and I fell in love …..

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