Happy Father’s Day Pa!



Just like a star that shines so bright in the evening, it gives me hope and assurance that I am never alone. In the mornings, even I can see everything, even if it’s bright and clear, I still shiver with fear, worry, and loneliness, where are you? Where are you? I can’t seem to see you. The thought that I can’t see you leaves me in the cold. But then, I recently knew you were there, you were there all along, it was just me who can’t see you because it was too bright.


I walk ahead and look back. …



Indeed, God blessed me with a supportive and loving father.


I remember that day when I was still a pupil, exam day was fast approaching and I can remember exactly how my sister studied, while I stay really cool while I eat half of my sister’s cloud nine and of course we fight against the remaining chocolate.

Then I heard someone’s footsteps coming towards the room, I then rush to my books and pretend that I’m studying. I won’t wonder anymore why I always get the “Best Actress” award in my college film fest days.

I act like I study really hard, I write and scribble random words in my notebook to look like I am summarizing and making notes. I tilt and scratch my head as if I am confused with a math problem. I look up and close my eyes as if I am memorizing the national heroes for the enumeration part. I look at him if he’s still looking at me and continue to impress myself with my acting skills.

After a few minutes, he wasn’t there anymore. I guess it’s time to piss my sister off and look where she hid her fruitus.

I heard the sound of his motorcycle; he went inside the room and brought 2 Chuckies and cloud 9. (Yay! My favorite)

He proudly looks at her daughters and said “I’m proud of you both. Keep studying!”

With a silent evil laugh, I reached for the Chuckie first and ate my cloud nine.

What’s next? I reached for my book and placed it near my pillow. Held a pen on my hand and closed my eyes, ready to sleep.


The next morning, he woke up getting ready to send us off for school, he only saw my sister eating breakfast. He asked where I was and got mad about why I haven’t woken up yet. He then rushed to the room and saw me, I was half awake honestly but I want him to see me with my props. He saw the pen and the book almost ripped near my head. He slowly tapped me to wake me up and said “Kaluoy! Unsa dagway ianswer aning bataa unya?”.  I got so confused.

I got a clue a that I was the only who thinks I’m the best actress.



He’s the most passionate person I met.


During my elementary days, I always get excited when the bell rings for recess time, why?

not because teachers are not on duty,

not because of exams,

not because my classmates ask me to eat with them,

but because am so excited to run towards the guard’s house to meet this extremely amazing guy who never grew tired of the tiring me. The moment the bell rings, I look through the window and check if he’s there. Indeed, he’s never late, but always early to meet me. I ran towards him as if I’m in a race. He sits near the guard house bench and beside him is the holy lunch box that he dearly prepared for me..

I think the icy calamansi juice that he made himself for me, the tuna sandwich and 2 packs of jolly biscuits are what made survive school.

He always asks for an update about my assignments, exams, and tests. He never misses his duties. Whenever I bid goodbye, he always kisses me on my cheeks and says: “Ayaw pabuyag sa imong teacher ha?”


“Pabuyag” is always the word. He must’ve really known how amazing my acting skills are. We’ve been to the principal’s office a couple of times because of all the troubles I caused, he bought probably hundreds of floor wax to help raise my grades, he had to wake me up every morning for school, he suffered and waited for me when I had to take a remedial, he had to pay a tutor to help me with my math. Even if I was really dumb, lazy, stubborn and irresponsible, he never gave up on me..


He patiently did all the hard work to make me graduate elementary.

Whenever there are school parades and processions where we had to walk around the city for hours, he waits at every corner riding his econo motorcycle with water, Nestea and cloud 9.  He attends my school meetings and even sometimes cleans the classroom during my assigned day. He writes an excuse letter when I’m absent even it was fake. (Sorry Mam Principal)

I can never write about how incredible he is. I may not have written everything here but in my heart it is permantly engraved that it almost ran out of space. hkhk!

Back then, it was all so simple. We didn’t have expensive things; we only had an electric fan, a motorcycle, and a complete happy family!


We went through a really strong storm and powerful wind that blew me away from you, but nothing can change the love and respect I have for you.

Though sometimes, I feel upset and discouraged, a smile from you will clear everything. Your presence that shines like the sun dissolves the cloudy sky..

My gratefulness to the Lord can never be expressed in words for having you as my father.  

I’m sorry for the times I when I stopped trying, I am sorry for the times when I thought you didn’t care anymore, I am sorry for the times when I didn’t trust you. I am sorry for being selfish.  I am sorry for taking so long to be healed. I think I am okay now.

I promise I will try harder now, I will make you proud…

I pray that you may find healing…

I am very proud of you pa. 

Happy Father’s Day pa, I love you.. I know your daughter up there is also wishing you the same!

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