How to Purchase APPS thru GCASH w/out Credit Card for iOS & Android

A lot of people asked me how I got these two skins in a blow. Well, I’m going to tell you how I did it.


How did I get these two skins?


Let’s make it short. First with Odette’s Butterfly Goddess Skin! We all know that we need to go through the Lucky Spin and win 40 Lucky Gems to buy the skin! With that, I will explain. I am not the type of person who always spends tickets on spins and I now I am so proud of myself for that wise choice. I had around 7 thousand tickets and spent it all today just to buy Odette’s skin! Sadly, with my 7 thousand tickets, I only won 34 Lucky Gems! I was like “OMG! I must get this! I’ve come this far.”

I tried to complete tasks to earn tickets but still, 34 Lucky Gems remained 34. So, What I did?

I used to be a Miya user so I decided to buy Miya’s skin! It was 9.99 USD and purchased it using my BDO Debit Card.

If you buy Miya’s skin, you will get free lucky spins and tickets. (Used the tickets to win more Lucky Gems)

But how did I do it?

Here’s the trick, no worries if you don’t have a debit card or credit card. If you have Gcash then I can definitely help you with that. (for iOS and Android)

Okay, let’s get your card details first.

Follow these steps: GCASH APP > My Account > American Express Virtual Pay


You will see this virtual card. Tap “Get New Code” to get your CCV (It will be sent thru SMS). After getting your CCV, long press the virtual card to copy your card number…

Let’s go to the 2nd Part.

  1. Tap Play Store/ App store > Account > Payment Methods > Add Credit or Debit Card


All you have to is paste your Card Number (The one we copied from Gcash) then enter the expiry date which also located on the virtual card and the CVC that you received from them. VIOLA! It will be added to your payment methods.


Now let’s go to Mobile Legends!



You can do a lot of things with your virtual card as long as you have sufficient funds on your GCash.

For example, I’m going to buy diamonds. (You can buy anything you like)

Let’s go to the Mobile Legend Store and buy diamonds, you will be redirected to your payment method. You will choose your Gcash Card and proceed to payment. 🙂 Tada!

Fast, easy and super safe. You can use this card when buying almost everything online! Even booking tickets 🙂

For those who are asking, I usually use my Gcash to purchase online but didn’t have enough funds today so I just used my BDO debit card. For those who are wondering how much I was charged, this is my transaction history for the purchase I made.

I hope I helped you guys. If you have questions do email me at or message me on my facebook page:

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