One of the best graduation presents ever!

2017 was the year I’ve been waiting for. Ever since I was young, SCHOOL has been my number one enemy!

School means waking up early, it means not having enough time to sleep, it means catching up with the deadlines, it means giving up watching kdramas, and to me, school is a huge obstacle that I have to pass. The past years of mine have been very challenging, doing all means to continue living, striving every day being killed in the inside. Long story!

As I was saying, The year 2017 was the long-awaited year of my life, this is the year that I am graduating college. Graduating from all those essays, projects and reporting.

So yes, I graduated. I survived. Graduating is big enough as the reward for me. but that’s not what others think, they think I deserve something else than just the diploma. I am really not quite sure why I deserve such amazing gift from them but this present alternated the heartbreaking thing that happened during my graduation.  Guess what it is?


Yass! It is a plane ticket to Taiwan. <3

A very kind cousin of mine bought me a ticket bound to Taiwan. Isn’t that the most amazing gift ever? No, I am just not talking about the price, what made it even more special is the fact that I am travelling with them. Yes, thinking about it was nerve-wracking, really. Nervous, excited & touched. I even cried seeing my name on the ticket, it’s for real.

I was hesitant at first and even asked the Lord, “Do I really deserve this”? Do I deserve this kind of treatment in this world? Is it okay to enjoy this trip? Because for some reasons, I feel a bit guilty for enjoying this alone.

Forever in my heart, I will remember this moment. I am like, who am I to deserve something like this? what have I done to be given this kind of present? Unending questions running through my mind..  My gratefulness to the Lord & to my cousins is inexpressible. Thank you!

How can be someone so thoughtful 😉

But, moving on. So finally, the long wait is over. The dates I’ve been eyeing on the calendar have arrived!



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