TOP 5 useful apps during travels


May be a first-time traveller or not. I bet these apps would help make your trip more memorable and convenient.

There are a lot of apps that could be useful during travels, but these are my top 5.


  1. Klook

Klook is Hong Kong-based Company that sells travel activities across Asia for undeniably cheaper prices. I can attest to that! The jaw dropping discounts will make you want to visit all the places in the country you want to go. You can totally save a lot if you purchase tickets thru klook. You can print out the tickets right in your printer and conveniently you’re off to go..

Not just tickets for amusement parks but they sell train passes and Data sims. The app is very detailed that you’ll get addicted to it and you might be surprised spending the whole day browsing. Exciting right?

Klook is available to iOS and androids so wipe those worries now and let’s proceed to the next app you’ll be downloading.






  1. MAPS.ME

In a place where we are not familiar with, it is possible to get lost. Yeah, we’ve tried that. So, I recommend MAPS.ME. It is an offline map, yes! Offline, which means it doesn’t need an internet connection. But, there is a but! Before your departure, make sure to download the map of the country or city you are visiting. It will take only 3-5 minutes depending on the speed of your connection and number of maps you want to download. So, during your adventure, if you get lost and you are too shy to ask the locals or you have troubles in speaking their language, just tap MAPS.ME and you’ll be home.





  1. Snapseed

When travelling, we always want to take good photos that we post on our social media accounts. Every minute counts, so you won’t have the whole hour or day to take photos and check right away like we always do when taking selfies at home. When travelling, the tendencies would be just snapping a photo for 2 minutes and move to the next spot. If there are small lapses in the photos, you can always use snapseed to correct them. If you feel like you look dark or too bright, correct them with snapseed. During travels, Snapseed will be your best friend. It’s easy and very reliable. It works almost like photoshop.






  1. Accuweather

You might wonder why Accuweather is included in my top 5. Well, this gets handy. This will help you with your OOTD! This will hint you what clothes to bring during the trip. It’s not always 100% accurate but most of the time it is. Accuweather never failed me; because of this app, my OOTD never gets ruined. Aside from clothes, this will also help you decide which place to visit first. Like what we did, during on a rainy morning, we chose to visit museums and indoor spots. When the weather got better, we decided to visit parks and outdoor places.






  1. AroundMe

Yeah! This app works like how it sounds. This app will help you show you the places near your location so if you happen to get hungry while walking, all you just have to do is tap AroundMe, type in your location and in a blink, it’ll show all the nearby restaurants.


What are the top 5 apps that help you during travelling?

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